Short films have a unique power to bring messages alive to your audiences. We work closely with health organisations to make films that are beautiful, compelling and have real impact. StoriesforHealth films are now made in partnership between Eleanor Stanley and Toby Madden.

2018 Anticoagulation Awards

A series of films we made for Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust about anticoagulant medication won Best Resource Sharing Information about Anticoagulation Therapy for Patients and Carers.


Introducing non-epileptic attack disorder

​Three young women describe their experience of this misunderstood condition and treatment at the Evelina London Children’s Hospital

Having an EEG in hospital
Having an EEG at home

Having an EEG at home and Having an EEG in hospital

​Two films about EEGs: one preparing children for EEG in hospital and the other explaining to parents how to use equipment for a home test. For Evelina London Children’s Hospital.


A&E Trilogy

​A trilogy describing a quality improvement programme on the A&E unit at Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust from the perspectives of a volunteer, a receptionist, and a clinician

My Care, My Voice

​Adults with learning disabilities share what it feels like to not be heard, and staff explain how they have learnt to communicate better with these patients

One question

​Children with life-limiting illness and their families talk about what life would be like without Richard House Children’s Hospice

Supporting people living with cancer

​People who have had cancer and their loved ones describe how they have been supported by Dimbleby Cancer Care

Involving patients in designing cancer care

​A film showcasing groundbreaking work at Guys and St Thomas’ to involve patients at every stage of designing services in the new Cancer Centre

Our roles

Eleanor Stanley  Producer, interviewer and co-editor. Eleanor is the main point of contact with the client and oversees each project from conception to completion. At the shoot, she directs the filming and conducts interviews. Eleanor then works with Toby to co-edit the footage into the final product. An important part of the role involves making sure interviewees feel secure and confident in sharing their experiences on camera.

Toby Madden  Camera, sound and co-editor. Toby shoots the film, records the audio and ensures that everything is technically spot-on before co-editing the film. A former staff photographer for the Independent, and a winner of the 2009 Press Photographer of the Year, Toby has been making films since 2007 for clients ranging from Canon and Vogue to Wateraid and Guy’s Hospital. Toby spent much of his youth volunteering and working in cancer units and is experienced at putting people at ease in healthcare environments.